How to Be Confident of Sustainable Progress

By becoming more aware of and increasingly using our knowledge of the Laws of Transformation we can directly perceive our advancement and progress in our lives. This progress is permanent and sustainable and we experience that also.

There is no loss or diminution and all gains are permanent. We can see that our lives are being elevated daily. Whatever we have that is desirable stays with us and whatever undesirables we have in our lives are gradually removed. In all areas of life we find ourselves living at a higher level and with time we can see a dramatic, almost unbelievable transformation. We see a manifestation of a life that is totally satisfying and we do not need anyone else to validate that for us.

The example is that just as one’s taste-buds and hunger are satisfied by enjoying a delicious and nutritious meal, he becomes directly aware of the satisfying changes in his lives and develops unshakable confidence in moving forward using reawakened knowledge.

Small changes and steps taken regularly in the right direction bring about astounding results.