Naveen Khurana

Naveen Khurana

My mission is to create rapid and genuine personal and subsequently, extended transformation in the lives of those who I touch, elevating character and behavior so that the highest levels of knowledge, happiness, health, prosperity and success can be experienced.

I am driven to do this by teaching and sharing the Laws of Transformation, which are the most complete, all-inclusive and genuine pillars of knowledge that are available to human civilization. They clearly and scientifically explain the full spectrum of experiences in our lives.

Whether the experiences are of extreme pain, supreme pleasure or any permutation in between, felt in any area of our current reality – physical, mental, emotional, financial, social, environmental… even supranatural – these Laws have the only full explanation and complete solution for bringing about highly elevated desirable change easily and quickly.

These Laws of Transformation are currently not taught or easily available in books, courses, seminars, self-improvement programs, colleges, universities, etc.

I have studied, practiced, and taught these Laws of Transformation in very exclusive, private settings for over 40 years and have now joined forces with leaders in the self-improvement industry to bring this powerful knowledge to mainstream society.

By teaming up with you and others, my 20-year vision is to reach 1 billion people throughout the planet, both online and offline, to provide guidance and assistance in helping them to attain their richest experience of life. Ambitious? Yes – and it is inevitable as we work together to best elevate ourselves and others to the highest strata of life.

It may be difficult to comprehend that one message, these 101 pillars of knowledge, can be relevant to such a large group of people. However, the reality is that just as gravity is relevant and important to every single person, animal, insect, and even object on this planet, these Laws of Transformation are globally pervasive, dominating and powerful.

How I Got Here

My journey on this path of discovering and using these laws began in my early childhood when my parents would frequently take me to visit Mahatma Gandhi and other saintly people who lived near our home in New Delhi, India. Their presence and association had a profound effect on me.

Later, after graduating from St. Columbus High School in New Delhi, in the top 1% of the national graduating class, and then with honors from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) with a Bachelor of Science, I enrolled at the University of Illinois in the US to continue my education. In 1973 I graduated with two Master’s degrees amongst the top of my class.

During my time in graduate school, I would regularly get questioned by my peers and professors about self-realization, wisdom, happiness, karma, reincarnation, truth, peace etc. Although I was from India, and was expected to have substantial answers, I was unable to give any solid, proven, and satisfying responses.

At the same time, I was witnessing the shallow life lived by my fellow students, professors, friends, and their families. Their almost exclusive focus on their “external” life and attempting to secure happiness and prosperity, etc. in that realm, somehow seemed very incomplete. I had come to the US to pursue the same goals, but all around me I perceived an underlying dissatisfaction. What was missing?

In 1972, just before my graduation, I took the search for truth and meaningful life very seriously. I went on a ‘search spree’ exploring different avenues for self-knowledge including Eastern and Western philosophy, different types of yoga and meditation, and even the Campus Crusade for Christ. I also started reading self-improvement and spiritual literature and was strongly impacted by George Harrison and his journey for self-discovery, as well as by many authors that I gained access to through Nightingale Conant. I entered the full time work force in 1973 and rapidly rose in my profession. I did very well financially and retired in 1978 after working for 5 years.

A Crucial Time

From 1978 to 1998, I immersed myself completely in this quest for self-knowledge and growth. I had the good fortune to study, learn, and then practice and experience with other seekers, incredible knowledge and joy in the private chambers of highly elevated persons and had direct access to their private teachings and libraries. Interestingly enough, I came under the guidance of one of the mentors of Mahatma Gandhi.

Because he was assassinated in 1948, Gandhi could not complete his training under these illustrious masters. It was evident though, that Gandhi was on a path to lead and inspire major transformation in the lives of hundreds of millions globally. Through the mastery of just a few of the Laws of Transformation, we can see the truly historic legacy that he created. And, he is still an inspiration and a beacon for many of the world’s self-improvement leaders.

Fortunately for me, for over 40 years now, I have had the opportunity to give my full energy to absorbing the teachings of these masters. In addition to receiving personal guidance and training I have had access to private libraries including more than 300 books and publications that specifically deal with transformation and elevation in a way that creates a huge “paradigm” shift. My journey of transformation has been truly a thrilling and amazing experience!

Today, after over 50,000 hours that I have invested in studying, learning and teaching this profound knowledge and wisdom, I continue this process daily for about 4 hours a day in our home in Florida. Truly each day is a new and fresh experience at increasingly higher levels of living! And the satisfaction and deep gratification get greater each and every day.

In 1982 I met and married my dear wife, Michele, who has been my constant companion, encouraging me with her words, actions, and honest feedback and helping me to realize this mission of teaching and sharing the Laws of Transformation. My inner realization and transformation has continued to deepen and I continue to experience high levels of lasting peace, pleasure and prosperity.

I have had to face great adversity and pain also in practically all areas of life. Financially, relationally, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially I have faced challenges that I never imagined I would encounter. Yet, every time there were major lessons to be learned and laws to uncover that I still needed to learn. I am very grateful for these because they were necessary for my own transformation and growth. I wanted all along to “pay the price” so I could best prepare myself to serve others on a large scale.

My Burning Desire

My burning inner desire has long been to share this information on a mass scale, but I was at a loss as to the proper format, structure and delivery methods. Now, with the prominence of the Internet and its emergence as a powerful teaching medium, I’ve decided to take the wraps off this priceless information.

LawsOfTransformation.com is my teaching platform where I’m giving access to this life transforming information for the very first time – along with my personal support. Life-changing decisions aren’t made for you – you have to take the first step. Here, it all starts with the 101 Laws of Transformation.

I’m hoping that, if you’ve read this far, you will know how enthusiastic I am about this process – and about the idea of you joining me for this incredible journey!


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