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1.The Eternal Success Blueprint: An Overview.(By September 16th)

How to solve any problem, truly succeed and win the game of life today, every day and forever. The overview will cover:

  • 163 questions to remove any mysteries about your life and its purpose.
  • 101 Laws of Transformation that unlock the secrets for rapid and easy success in all areas of life.
  • 46 human behaviors and qualities that describe the pinnacle of your life’s progress and the state of ever increasing happiness and prosperity with full knowledge and awareness of life and the world you are in.

2. A weekly article, special report, teleseminar or webinar covering in depth one or more of the 163 questions for success, 101 laws of transformation, 46 human behaviors and qualities as described in the “Eternal Success Blueprint: An Overview “or related topics.(By September 9th).