In Prison – Without Knowing It

In most societies of the world, if somebody commits a crime by breaking the established laws, they serve time in a prison made of cold steel and concrete.

You know when you’re in a prison.

When somebody breaks any of the hundreds of Laws of Transformation – the governing forces of the entire universe – they also serve time in a prison. But this prison isn’t made of cold physical material. No – worse. The prison for those who break the Laws of Transformation are disappointment, lack of progress, dissatisfaction, physical, emotional, financial and mental pain.

The worst part is that people don’t realize that they are suffering in this prison, subject to these pains. To feel these things is not natural, despite what some may tell you. Rather, they are foreign to us in our natural condition of boundless happiness and prosperity. If you’re experiencing these things, it’s because you’ve consciously or unconsciously crossed one or more of the Laws of Transformation.

Good news – they aren’t a secret. For the first time, I’m going to be sharing these laws with you.