Holy moly! This is something else. YOU are something else. I glanced over this earlier, but in reading it closer, it is amazing. You seem like an incredible person with an incredible story, and I sure would like a copy of your book. And as I said, I may end up studying under you! Your story and studies are compelling, and are very in line with my thoughts.
Congrats on the launch of your book.
To much continued success—


Scott Ulmer

“WOW. WOW. WOW! — If you could only experience a fraction of what I’ve gained over the last 10 years you too will have a life transformational experience. I was stuck emotionally… financially…spiritually…mentally and relationally. Today, I live my truth brighter than I ever could dream possible.Thanks to Naveen, a teacher of teachers, I’m now living to my potentiality. If you too are ready for a transformation then your teacher has arrived. Believe me when I tell you – WOW is exactly what you will be saying too!

-Burke Hedges- world renowned author of 7 books

Based on limited experience and some knowledge of the Laws of Transformation, I find my life and behavior starting to change in positive minor ways every day. How simple and easy it is. What an enjoyable adventure! With a newly found sense of joy and awareness, I find myself eager to expand my thinking, to know more and to understand more about the 101 Laws of Transformation.


Having studied the draft, here are what I think are the most compelling questions: 19, 20, 64, 89, 114, 128, and 158. I’m sure this selection says a lot about the selector.
The most compelling laws for me are: 20, 21, 55, 69, 88, 95, and 99.
It’s clear that my focus on the “Eternal Success Blueprint- Overview” is that I’m thinking and hoping that you can deliver on answering questions that traditional religion and general wisdom do not answer adequately. If you deliver on that promise, I believe you will generate huge interest and following. I’ll help any way I can.
I’ll pass the draft on to Mason and will be interested to get his perspective. Thanks very much for sharing it with me.


-Todd Rainsberger

For the past year I have been lucky enough to have Naveen share with me a small amount of his profound knowledge and understanding of life and the universe. Our relationship started in a professional capacity but grew into much more. Naveen has the unique ability to teach without lecturing and listen without patronizing. His perspective is something I keep in mind daily, in both my personal and professional life, and I am a better man for knowing him and learning from him.

-Joe Averbook, Real Estate Professional

When it comes to combining success in all realms – mental, emotional, physical, financial, social — there are a few people on the planet who really “get it” like Naveen Khurana. Not only has he mastered the Science of Eternal Success, he lives and breathes it, and he teaches it with deep wisdom, brilliant insight, and a loving sincerity. If you yearn to enjoy success in all areas of your life, and live with purpose, peace, joy and fulfillment – I urge you to voraciously learn and apply everything Naveen teaches. You’ll be rewarded for many lives to come.

-Lou D’Alo, Enlightened Business Coach, PowerUpCoaching.com