Why do we call ourselves “life scientists” or “success scientists” or “truth scientists”?

Success Scientists involve themselves in understanding a body of knowledge in a particular area and the laws and principles that govern that area. In our case here we are studying how life works for all of humanity, individually as well as collectively. We want to know what really brings about happiness, success, stress, pain, suffering, failure, loss, gain, quarrel, anxiety, distress, misery, enlightenment and pleasure. We want to know the difference between short term, long term and eternal outcomes.

Success Scientists respectfully demand a lot more from speculative and defective philosophies about life which are countless in number. These mostly offer no universal and complete solutions that are guaranteed to solve the problems in life, community, society or nation. Mostly these speculative man made philosophies create conflict, confusion, strife and many unwanted results. Yet we do not scorn or disrespect anybody because of where they may stand philosophically at any given time. We invite everybody to mutually expand our knowledge and gain from a healthy, friendly and honest discussion.The basis of our discussion with philosophers is the 163 questions about life, individually and collectively, that we must all ask and answer. We expect intelligent and complete answers to these 163 questions from any credible school of philosophy, regardless of its brand or label.

Success Scientists respectfully question the limiting beliefs based solely on organized “religious affiliations” which number in the hundreds in terms of denominations across all the different religions known to humanity. Most of these organized “religions” have been unfortunately tampered with over time by self-serving persons afflicted by motivations of power and fame and even money. Questionable character is many times an ongoing issue when it comes to a scrutinizing study of a person’s life that we look to for “religious” leadership and solutions.Organized “religion” has offered incomplete answers and solutions to most of the questions and problems facing us individually and collectively. The truth has most often been buried in the now tampered teachings that were preserved for some time but then got in the hands of powerful individuals motivated by not so “godly” desires.

Countless conflicts and wars, in a variety of manners, by a variety of religiously minded persons, have been waged and continue to be waged against those that believe differently. Beliefs and faith inadequately deal with reality and the laws that are universal and timeless. In the best case, there may be some incomplete picture and partial solution that may be offered. Yet, once again, we pose our 163 questions with humility, respect, love and friendship and invite others to work in an intelligent, friendly and cooperative way to mutually expand our understanding of truth and reality,so all of us can greatly enhance our knowledge and thus the quality of our lives. We expect true “religion” to intelligently answer the 163 questions about life that we have coined and studied. Further we expect “religious leaders and teachers” to clearly explain the 101 Laws of Life or the Laws of Transformation that we have identified and studied and learnt so far. And we expect them to live a life in accordance with these universal laws of life, which would necessarily have them displaying the 46 golden qualities of highly advanced ‘souls” to a high degree.

Success Scientists respectfully have a new high expectation of self-improvement, self-growth, motivational, success and “life” coaches and teachers. Not only must they be able to answer the 163 questions about life intelligently, and know well the 101 laws of transformation, they must also be able to demonstrate the 46 qualities of highly successful persons and confidently bring about the transformation of those that they serve in all these 46 types of behavior.

Success Scientists stand for results based on truth and reality that satisfies the intellect, mind, body, senses, emotions and spirit for all that take advantage of a scientific approach to living an incredible life. We want to get to the root of all outcomes, which are the 101 universal principles and laws that govern every outcome in our lives, whether financial, emotional, physical, mental or relational. We want every one of the 163 questions that we have to be perfectly answered by trustworthy persons of impeccable character. We want to access the best version of ourselves and bring forth our 46 golden behaviors. We want to connect all the dots and build our faith based on actual results. We want the freedom to observe, test, experiment and experience for ourselves so that we can verify any principles and laws to be true in all times and situations.

So that is why we call ourselves “life scientists” or “success scientists” or “truth scientists”. Fortunately, there are countless such “success scientists” from many cultures who have made this journey before us over an immeasurable historical period. There is nothing new to solve and yet there is a whole new thrilling experience that awaits all those that dare to break from the routine, unfulfilling and short lived fleeting “happiness and success” that engulfs the vast majority of humanity at all levels in society. We want the best and the topmost lives for ourselves and others. And we want it every day and forever. We want this for you and we want this for everybody.